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Maureen Duffus fonds

  • PR0003
  • Arquivo
  • 1893, 1913-2011

The fonds consists primarily of material compiled and created by Maureen during her decades long writing career. This includes maps, photographs, interviews, booklets, pamphlets, letters and other written notes about the View Royal landscape, organizations, and people.

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Ted Fleischer fonds

  • PR0004
  • Arquivo
  • 1931, 1939

Fonds consists of two photographs; one photo of a float plane at View Royal Airport, and a photo of the Sharcott family home in Esquimalt.

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Alec Keiser fonds

  • PR0008
  • Arquivo
  • 1944

Fonds consists of 2 photographs of float planes at View Royal Airport.

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Rosemary Griffiths fonds

  • PR0009
  • Arquivo
  • 1901-2018

Fonds primarily consists of photographs of the Stewart family in View Royal. It also includes photographs and a VHS tape of the Griffiths family, a photograph of Craigflower School from ca. 1903, and produce ledgers from Seaview Farm (1901-1910).

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Strawberry Vale and District Community Club fonds

  • PR0013
  • 1895-1995

Fonds consists of 3 large scrapbooks assembled by Richard Moyer containing the history of the Strawberry Vale community and the Strawberry Vale Community Association in the form of photos, newspaper articles, anecdotal histories, correspondence, and other documentary records.

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Joy Trail fonds

  • PR0016
  • Arquivo
  • 1964-1989

The fonds consists of photographs taken at the View Royal Community Centre and View Royal Library. Fonds includes newspaper clippings, predominantly from the Juan de Fuca News Review, concerning the Ratepayers and topics pertaining to View Royal. Some of the articles were written by Joy Trail. The fonds includes correspondence, newsletters, agendas, minutes, and reports for View Royal's Ratepayers Association. The fonds also includes several Shoreline School Bulletins.

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Barbara Munton fonds

  • PR0018
  • Arquivo
  • 1948, [ca. 1959, 1964], 1982-1997

Fonds consists of photographs of the View Royal Fire Department from the 1950s, handbooks and exhibition booklets from the View Royal Garden Club, photographs of local scenery and wildlife, as well as a photo of Bernice White (Barbara's mother) shaking hands with B.C. Premier, W.A.C. Bennet.

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Winona McKeage fonds

  • PR0017
  • Arquivo
  • 1894, 1921-1926

Fonds consists of photographs of a St. Columba Sunday School class and Strawberry Vale school classes, which were attended by Winona. The fonds includes 2 handwritten letters to Mrs. Manley regarding the marriage of her daughter Winnie to Fred Bennet (Winona's parents).

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Velda Holland fonds

  • PR0020
  • Arquivo
  • [18-]-[ca.1948], 1987

Fonds predominantly consists of photographs of the Holland family in Victoria. The fonds also includes photos of the Holland’s in the Yukon, as well as a collection of unidentified professional portraits (1800s – early 1900s) created by photographers in Victoria and Scotland. The fonds includes high school and post-secondary certificates awarded to Velda, as well as her baptismal and confirmation certificates from St. Barnabas church in Victoria. The fonds includes a hydrographic map of Esquimalt Harbour (1947), souvenir programs from Victoria anniversary celebrations, newspaper clippings, a menu from a dinner on the S.S. Prince George, souvenir picture books of Alaska, the Yukon (ca. 1900), and Canada (1924), an audiocassette (unknown recording), a book about building hand railings (1881) that belonged to Fred Holland, as well as a business textbook. The fonds also consists of correspondence sent to Velda and the Holland family, including greeting cards, postcards that feature images of BC and Alberta, and a letter from John Dean about his world travels. Additionally the fonds includes a report outlining options for View Royal incorporating as a town (1987).

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Tom Seymonsbergen fonds

  • PR0006
  • Arquivo
  • 1987

Fonds consists of a floppy disk and drawing of the original Town of View Royal logo.

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